TeamCluster Project - a state of the art integrated collaboration solution for distributed teams

Saratoga, CA. - May 16, 2002 - TeamCluster, a premier provider of Web based collaborative software, announced the release of TeamCluster Project, a highly integrated productivity solution enabling efficient and secure distributed team collaboration across the Internet. The feature rich tool supports Web based access to a centralized project information repository for real time development of common milestones and deliverables, product planning, document exchange, management of project risks, and implementation of actions to drive issue resolution.

TeamCluster Project helps teams work together toward common goals - no matter the distance, time zones, or cultural boundaries. It emphasizes a simple yet profound action oriented methodology, from project planning, to risk management, to team cooperation.

Based on the state of the art standards based technologies, such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition, W3C HTML, and CSS, TeamCluster Project represents a new breed of collaborative applications. Designed to boost cross-functional team productivity, TeamCluster Project enables the highest return on investment by leveraging cost effective server infrastructure, requiring no client installation. The use of standard WAR format and XML descriptors ensures seamless application deployment across all major OS server platforms, including Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, and MS Windows 2000.

Harry Hvostov, Founder of TeamCluster, notes, "in the world of constant change and global challenges, TeamCluster Project enables vertically integrated teams to succeed through proactive and synergistic collaboration."

TeamCluster Project focuses on effective and consistent team-wide project planning and execution to

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