About TeamCluster

Our mission is to provide enterprise level productivity solutions for the global cross-functional project team. Our customers work to succeed by leveraging their core competencies in close collaboration with strategic partners to rapidly deliver highly integrated products and services. To help them achieve their goals, we rely on a blend of state of the art computing technologies, sound project management methodologies refined and proven at industry leading corporations, and superior service.

Dr. Rainer Forst

Dr. Rainer Forst brings to TeamCluster over 20 years experience in enterprise software and systems. Dr. Forst has acted in key architect, project, and group manager roles to spearhead highly successful technology and product development at industry leaders including Digital Equipment Corporation, Quantum, Maxtor, and the Solid State and Nuclear Physics Research Centers in Grenoble, France, and Munich, Germany.

Drawing on his rich international experience, Dr. Forst has developed and implemented highly effective approaches to cross-functional, technology intensive project execution. He has emphasized the application of best practice methods for rapid and efficient integration of advanced technologies into revenue producing products.

Dr. Forst is widely published and has presented at a number of scientific forums. He holds a PhD degree in Solid State Physics from the University of Munich, Germany.

Alexander Hvostov

Alex grew up on the Internet, writing his first C application when he was only 9 and building his first Linux based LAN by 14.

Throughout the decade, Alex has become an authority on leading edge Open Source technologies that made the Internet what it is today. He is an avid advocate of Linux both on the server and desktop, as well as an active contributor to a number of Open Source projects, such as X-Chat and Debian GNU/Linux. He is an accomplished Java developer and a distributing computing expert.

Alex has lent his internetworking and distributed computing skills to assist the Consumer Broadband Division of STMicroelectronics with the development of state of the art cable access network technologies and their adoption by key customers. He has been a key contributor to the successful demonstration of ST's DOCSIS cable modem and VoIP technology at central industry forums, such as Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas and MediaCast in London, 2000.

Harry Hvostov

Harry has over twenty years experience in distributed computing, communications, and real time system development. He has acted in a variety of advanced technology, product development, and senior management roles with such industry leaders as Digital Equipment, STMicroelectronics, Quantum, and Western Digital. Harry's international business experience includes assignments in the US, European Union, Russia, and Asia Pacific. He is bi-lingual in English and Russian.

Harry's track record includes conception, planning, and successful execution of mission critical joint development projects in a global cross-functional collaboration environment. He has pioneered the development and application of collaborative Java based information management tools on strategic projects which resulted in over a billion dollars in revenues.

Harry has authored a number of papers for reviewed professional publications. His technology innovation led to US and international patents and applications. Harry holds an MS degree in systems and controls from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.