Solutions to fit your needs
Project success in the connected world
TeamCluster Project is developed to enable effective and efficient collaboration among distributed teams on planning projects, tracking and measuring progress, managing risks, and exchanging mission-critical information.
Designed for the Internet
TeamCluster Project is built on J2EETM technology, the enterprise computing platform created for the Internet. The distributed architecture of TeamCluster Project offers your business the competitive advantages of a cost effective, secure, reliable, and highly available team collaboration solution.

There is no costly and time consuming client installation - all the application components are easily installed on a server, and accessed with a standard browser, anywhere, anytime. For client display we use only the W3C standards compliant HTML and cascading style sheets technology. Hence, your team has consistent access to the project critical information, whether from a desktop, laptop, PDA; wireless or wireline. And since TeamCluster Project is written in JavaTM, the operating system choice is up to you.

High value, low price
This freedom of choice translates into concrete savings that go right to your bottom line. Downtime and security holes, which plague proprietary platforms, are virtually nonexistent. And TeamCluster Project grows with your business needs, delivering a consistent, scalable performance, day after day. If you opt for the state of the art Linux® deployment, the cost savings are unmatched by proprietary solutions:

For the modest price of a mid-range PC and a TeamCluster Project license, you get your teams up and running in no time, across the globe.

Deployment - intranet, extranet, or Internet
The choice of TeamCluster Project deployment is entirely yours. Since Java Servlets run over the Web HTTP protocol, TeamCluster Project performs with equal confidence across corporate intranets as it does across the Internet.

TeamCluster Project installation and configuration is a snap, requiring no maintenance. Alternatively, you may wish to go for hosting TeamCluster Project. Our service provider partner uses best-of-breed security technologies, so that both the physical infrastructure, and your TeamCluster Project are managed with the 24x7x365 availability guarantee.

Security for your data
Your TeamCluster Project communications are for team eyes only. We make sure that is so by using SSL and TLS encryption for all data transmissions. SSL is a standard encryption technology for communications between your project team machines and TeamCluster Project server. TLS is the next-generation successor to SSL.

Access to the project information is password protected. As team members are added to TeamCluster Project, their passwords remain safely locked on the server, ensuring the project information remains secure.