Technology Portfolio

We are intimately familiar with, and use whenever possible, many quality products and technologies to meet your network needs with speed and efficiency. These include:

Server Platform
We use the Linux® operating system and the Debian GNU/Linux distribution to provide a fast, scalable, secure, and rock-solid platform for all of your network server needs.
Network and Internet Connectivity
We also use the Linux operating system to provide connectivity between networks, such as connecting an office LAN to an enterprise WAN or to the Internet. The Linux operating system provides tried and true speed, scalability, security, and robustness in providing routing and firewall service to your networks.
Server Software
An excellent server platform is worth little without equally excellent server software running on top of it. We provide installation and administration of a wide variety of server software:
Linux on the Desktop
If your business needs a more cost-effective, reliable, and secure desktop operating system -- particularly, one which is more cost-effective, reliable, and secure than Microsoft® Windows® -- Linux is the answer. However, as with any major shift of this scale, some amount of re-training will be required, both for your users, and your IT staff. We can assume a significant portion of this burden, by providing installation and maintenance services for Linux-based desktop systems, customized to suit your needs.

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